A medication waste disposal solution, bringing medical facilities into compliance...

The Cactus Smart Sink securely captures partially administered or unused controlled substances and renders them "unrecoverable, non-retrievable and unusable". The Smart Sink helps reduce drug diversion and improve patient safety while also reducing the impact on the environment.

Smart Sink Applications

After two years of service Scripps Health is fully compliant thanks to the Cactus product line. Our staff loves the easy disposal of medications, ease of using the unit and even the disposal of spent cartridges are easily taken care of.

Cactus Pharmalock, smaller than RX Destroyer


A compact medication disposal system designed for liquid waste only.

The PharmaLock is conveniently sized to fit on anesthesia or nursing carts, in operating rooms, procedure rooms, nursing stations, EMS vehicles, and other locations where liquid medications are administered.

PharmaLock Applications

The Cactus Smart Sink® is a secured, wall-mounted pharmaceutical waste disposal system. It accepts controlled substance waste including solids, liquids and patches. This easy-to-use technology renders unused medications non-retrievable and unrecoverable. The simple, convenient, secure, compliant way to reduce opportunity for diversion while protecting the environment.

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